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Stainless Steel Telescopic Security Post 
c/w Recessed Yellow Class 1 Reflective 


Stainless Steel Posts Product Code
Standard Stainless Steel Telescopic MP/TC/SS
Assisted Lift Stainless Steel Telescopic MP/TC/ALSS
Stainless Steel Static Post SB/SS/FT/101
Please specify if recessed reflective bands are 
required and colour of  Reflective

Red, Yellow,  White 
*see below for detailed specification  

BAE, Luton

Post Type
Product Code Above ground (mm) Below ground (mm) Diameter (mm) O/A Wall Thickness Gross Weight (Kg) Operating Weight (Kg)
Stainless Steel MP/TC/SS







Stainless Steel Assisted Lift MP/TC/ALSS 670 950 101 5 42 -
Post Type
Product Code Overall Length (mm) Diameter (mm)  
Stainless Steel Static Post SB/SS/FT/101 1200 101 Flat Top Root Fix, no recess
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