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640 series for barriers 4 to 7 metres
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2 x 5m automatic barriers c/w 4m underskirts & pogo stick end supports

 640 automatic barrier
Designed for automatic barrier beam lengths from 4 to 7 metres, the 640 barrier range is the natural choice for heavy traffic management and larger commercial applications.  This system can be customised to enhance site suitability with a range of options including a pivoting foot, automatic release solenoid valve, and forked support and skirt


 640 automatic barrier - strength & safety
The 640 automatic barrier series has a neat slimline appearance yet is robust and hardwearing for commercial applications. The range also provides the reassurance of anti-crush hydraulics, a secure locking system for both open and closed positions and manual release with customised key.


Access Control Options  

Optional Extras

  • Key Pad
  • Push Button
  • Token reader
  • Intercom
  • Proximity cards
  • Remote control
  • Induction Loop
  • Top & Bottom Skirts
  • Beam Fork Support
  • Pogo Stick Support
  • Traffic Lights
  • Warning Signs
  • Manual Opening Device
  • Manual Release Key
  • Key Coded Release Lock


6m automatic barrier c/w end fork support

 640 automatic barrier - built in intelligence for increased flexibility 
Whilst microprocessor control and surface mount technology are the standard, fitting optional cards enables the 640 automatic barrier series to control auxiliary services or other facing barriers, whilst relaying barrier status information on to traffic management devices. The electronic intelligence of the range offers three levels of control logics, including one specifically designed for automatic car parks

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